Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things I have learned since deactivating Facebook...

So in order to write this I just want to preface that I love Facebook.

There, I said it.

8 days ago and before I was probably on it a good portion of the day. Yes, I will admit it. It was an addiction. It was even turning into something quite toxic for me as I started getting overly upset at things people were posting and then using Facebook as a means to retaliate.

Yes, I know, very mature for a 25 year old. I never said I was proud. I only admitted to my wrongs.

That all being said, I finally decided I needed to de-activate. At least until after the Bar exam.

Too many things were upsetting me. Yet, even then, it was too hard for me to not go on, even for a minute. It is true. I had an addiction. Even now saying "had" doesn't seem right to me because I don't think it's fully gone. However, I also cannot really say "have" because I haven't been on it for over a week.

Anywho, this was not the first time I deactivated. However, those times I had generally come back in a few hours, a day at the very most.

I have been a lot stronger this time around. I have resisted the urge. And I am realizing many things...

1. Facebook wastes A LOT of time. This is true for me completely. I realize for some people it doesn't and that it doesn't have to, but seeing how much more I can get done and accomplished in a day is just amazing. I'm not sure I have gotten this much studying in since... ever.

2. Just because you're friends on Facebook, doesn't really mean you're friends. Now it's not like I expected everyone I know to wonder about me, wonder where I went, etc. I know I'm not THAT important. But still, I expected more inquiries into my absence. It's not like I announced I was going to deactivate, I just did. Wouldn't you think people would notice or care? Apparently not. However, I will say that some people did ask about me. It's not that I was completely forgotten. It just amazed me at how many people didn't. And yes, many people didn't have to because I told them (through text, email, calls, etc.), but still...

3.  I don't really need to know what everyone is doing at every minute of the day... my world won't end if I don't

4. Everyone else doesn't need to know what I am doing at every minute of the day. I know I think all I do is super interesting and cool, but I don't need to share everything!

5. It's actually kind of NICE not having to worry about whether I will find out about something there or not.

I know that's only 5 things and I do know I have learned heaps more, but right now my brain cannot register or articulate anything further... Well, unless you want me to start blabbing on about corporations, since I'm reviewing them now... Haha.

Unable to determine a catchy post title...

Omg. Bar exam anxiety and nausea setting in...

2 more full days of study.

I know I can do this because I did it before, just praying that this time I do it better and pass!