Thursday, May 3, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.33

Just a quick little run to the post office and then taking the long "loop" route back home. Thinking about going to spin class in an hour so I didn't want to waste too much energy with a longer run. Figure I will save the distance for the weekend :)

Todays' stats = 2.25 miles in 25:00

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.32

It went ok. Legs and back were a little sore from running yesterday and then trying out two new workouts, but aside from that it went well. Hopefully that tomorrow I can do 5 miles, but we will see. Then this weekend I have my LSR for 12 miles.

Todays' stats = 3.65 in 45:00

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

N2U CT Challenge May Edition

I completed this month on the very first day! Booya!

I have heard a lot about YouTube being a wealth of exercise videos. Today I tried two!

They are both by Tiffany Rothe Workouts.

The first is the 10 minute booty shaking waist workout...

The second is the 10 minute ballerina beauty, long legs, tight booty workout...
(I couldn't find an embed link for this video, but you can search it on YouTube)

**Both of these workouts were great and I am hoping to continue utilizing them so long as they show results :)

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Half Marathon Training Run 3.31

Did my first mile in 12:15, second in 11:45 (and this mile included the long hill at Bush Park), third in 10:54 and fourth in 12:59 - not too bad overall, but I did get a side cramp again a little after mile 3 and I am thinking maybe it's just because I have been pushing it more lately, but I am really trying to amp up through this week so next week and the week leading up to my half can be all about tapering. Hadn't ran since Thursday's low mileage day, so this was much needed!

Todays' Stats = 4.00 miles in 47:57

Monday, April 30, 2012

N2U CT Challenge April Edition

Missed this month.

Z is for... Zeal

Today is the final day for the April A to Z Challenge and it is the final day of April. 

Websters' defines zeal as "eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something" [source]

While this month has been quite rocky for me, I have tried to live my life with zeal and otherwise zealously

While it can be hard when times are tough, sometimes it is the only thing that we can do. 

I love the word zeal, I just think it is such a fun word :) 
**This post is for the April A to Z Challenge!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Half Marathon #3 - Training Week #9

Week 9 (Monday April 23rd - Sunday April 29th)

Mon - Scheduled = 0 / Done = 2.00 miles in 23:00
Tues - Scheduled = 2 / Done = 0
Wed - Scheduled = 3 / Done = 3.65 miles in 46:00
Thurs - Scheduled = 4 / Done = 1.15 miles in 13:11
Fri - Scheduled = 0 / Done = 0
Sat - Scheduled = 3 / Done = 0

Weekly Total = 6.8 miles