Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trudging along

I have so many post ideas rattling around in my brain... and even some in "draft" form here on Blogger. Yet, I have no finished posts and no desire to finish any of my blurbs... Just wanted to say that I am still here, still trudging along, studying for the bar, running, and working as a sales associate. Hopefully will have more of an extensive "update" soon!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Women in the Word Wednesday - 2012 Summer Study Wk 7


Today I am linking up with Good Morning Girls for "Women in the Word Wednesday"

Thursday, June 21st
- 1 Thessalonians 4:11
- Proverbs 19:17

1 Thess. 4:11 says "and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you," and Proverbs 19:17 says "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done."

These verses are so important because they reiterate that we should mind our own business, not being gossips and that we should be kind to the poor. As I told my mom yesterday, I know that I am needy right now, but I also know that there are plenty of people who are much less fortunate than I, those who have no food in their bellies, no roof over their heads, and for that I should give back what I can, I should help. Too often do we spend time thinking "woe is me" and "how hard this life is for me" that we don't stop and think that we should be grateful for what we have, because it is often a lot more than others. I struggle with this A LOT, especially lately while I have been unemployed and slowly going broke. Today I am praying for a thankful attitude toward the blessings that I have, the necessaries that I have so that I can survive. Yes, maybe I don't have the extravagances, and yes, that sucks, but what I do have is a lot and I need to be continually thankful for it.

Friday, June 22nd
- GMG Reflection

Today I continued in my Living a Divinely Inspired Life devotional and todays reading focused on David and the raid that occurred at his camp, specifically the events of 1 Samuel 30:1-20. He lost everything, but he listened to God who assured him he would get it all back and he did! This is encouraging to me because it shows we can get back what we have lost, the Lord will help us and guide us, as long as we believe and listen to him. What a great message!

Monday, June 25th
- Proverbs 31:21
- Proverbs 27:23
- Proverbs 31 Woman book p. 24-25

"When it snows, she has no fear for her household, for all of them are clothed in scarlet." - Proverbs 31:21

I honestly was not sure what this verse meant by saying they are "clothed in scarlet" and what it had to do with snow and winter months. I did think that it meant the color, but then I realized that it made no sense at all, so I did some research. Apparently to be clothed in scarlet it means to be double clothed. The Proverbs 31 woman does not worry about her family in the winter months because she is able to provide her family with warm clothes, they are clothed in scarlet and therefore protected and warmed from the cold. Now that makes sense! 

As for Proverbs 27:23 it states, "Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds." Generally I think this means that we must show a positive and welcoming regard for our flocks, we must take good care of them, making sure they have everything they need. 

Tuesday, June 26th
- Psalm 46:1-2

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea" I think this is so timely for all of us lately. We must never forget that God is our refuge in these tough and troubling times. I have been worrying about money SO MUCH lately and it is driving me crazy! I did finally get hours at my job, now that they got the HR fiasco sorted out, but still, it's not many. I am trying to think of it as some hours are better than no hours, which is so true, and hopefully after I show them the good worker that I can be they will schedule me for many more hours! We will see!

Wednesday, June 27th 
- Proverbs 31:22
- Titus 2:9-10
- Proverbs 31 Woman book p. 26

"She makes coverings for her bed; she is clothed in fine linen and purple." She just does everything, no? Not only does she rise early, make purchases for her family, feed her family, clothe her family, but she also makes coverings for her bed! What a woman! I like that we see the type of clothing she wears, that being fine linen and purple. To me this shows that she not only cares about making sure her life is in order and taking care of her family, but she also cares about her appearance. When I see that she is clothed in purple I automatically think royalty, and I'm not sure why, I suppose it's because purple seems to be associated with regal-ness, etc.

"Slaves must always obey their masters and do their best to please them. They must not talk back or steal, but must show themselves to be entirely trustworthy and good. Then they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive in every way." Honestly, I am unsure why we are reading this verse along with the other one, is this to say that women are slaves? I know that is not what it is literally implying, it just seems to be the "implied" meaning by having this verse assigned here with the other. I suppose we could just think of it as individuals must do their best to make sure things are done well, without protest, showing their worth and value. By doing so they will glorify God because not only will they be teaching by their words, but also through their actions and how they live life and serve others. 

Weight-Loss Wednesday #2

I'm back for week 2 of my weight-loss Wednesdays! If you haven't seen this weekly thing I am now doing, you can check out my first entry HERE. As I mentioned last week, I am going to be sharing Bob Harper's Skinny Rules over the course of the next 13 weeks and I am going to share my progress on meeting his rules and trying to incorporate them into my life! 

Last week I shared Rules 1 and 2. I have done pretty good at drinking water and staying hydrated, but I do need to continue to try drinking a glass of water before EVERY meal. That is definitely something I struggle with. Also, drinking a glass of water right after I wake up. Usually I go for the coffee first thing and then have water afterward. As for rule 2, I am doing a lot better about not drinking my calories. For example, this weekend when I got Joe and I coffee at Dutch Bros I made sure to get a sugarfree nonfat white mocha, which is definitely a better option than the regular white mochas I so often would enjoy. 

All of that being said, I am now moving on to the next rule. 
Rule # 3 - Eat Protein at Every Meal - Or Stay Hungry and Grouchy

Bob suggests that we eat protein at EVERY single meal. Not just because it is so very important to our bodies, but because we should be eating at least half of our body weight in grams of protein EVERY day. That means for a 170 pound person you should be eating 85 grams of protein A DAY. Obviously that is not something you could easily consume at one single meal.

Plus keeping protein as something you include all day throughout the day will help the body to be able to stay full and satisfied without eating a lot of other junk that we often turn to in times of hunger.

Types of protein he focuses on in the book include those that are found in:

- Fish (his NUMBER ONE choice)
- Eggs
- Chicken and turkey (preferably organic or "free range")
- Pork (loin for lowest in calories, while rump has highest fat and should be avoided)
- Beef (preferably organic and grass fed, with the leanest cuts being eye of round and sirloin tip side, and the fattiest being t-bone and rib-eye)
- Cheese (not bad, just remember to eat it in moderation, with many low in calories and high in protein, there are some "healthier" options available)
- Tofu and tempeh (which he suggests are good to have on your "meatless" days, which he suggests to try for at least 1 day per week).

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lose a Marathon Challenge - Week 1 (completed)

This marks the first week of the 13 week challenge that I am participating in, called Lose a Marathon! The goal is for me to lose 26.2 pounds (or MORE) over the next 13 weeks! There is also the Lose a Half Marathon program where the goal is to lose 13.1 pounds over the next 13 weeks.

In order to lose 2 pounds a week I need to create a 1000 calorie deficit each day, that will certainly be tough, but I think I can do it! I am thinking about starting to do 2 a day workouts a few days a week, just to kick start things. I have also decided to re-start the #6PackMarch challenge from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans that you can find HERE.

Obviously I have to change the schedule since I will be starting on the 19th (today), which will technically be the 1st on the calendar.

Beginning Weight = 170 pounds
Goal Weight =  143.8 pounds

#6PackMarch - WEEK 1
* Day 1 (Tuesday, June 19th) - 10 sit-ups, 5 push-ups, 10 seconds plank
* Day 2 (Wednesday, June 20th) - 10 sit-ups, 5 push-ups, 15 seconds plank
* Day 3 (Thursday, June 21st) - 15 sit-ups, 7 push-ups, 20 seconds plank
* Day 4 (Friday, June 22nd) - Rest day
* Day 5 (Saturday, June 23rd) - 20 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, 25 seconds plank
* Day 6 (Sunday, June 24th) -  20 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, 30 seconds plank

#LoseAMarathon - WEEK 1
* Day 1 (Tuesday, June 19th) - Spin class, weight lifting, 30 minute EZ jog of 2.44 miles (12:17 pace)
* Day 2 (Wednesday, June 20th) - Hill work (1 mile warm up, followed by 2 sets of 10 14 short hill repeats at Bush Park [for approx 1 mile total], ending with 1 1.50 mile cool down) = 3.50 miles in 50:08 (14:17 pace) --> walked down the hill after each ascent which made my pace a LOT slower
* Day 3 (Thursday, June 21st) - Spin class, weight lifting, 30 minute EZ jog
* Day 4 (Friday, June 22nd) - 4 mile run Rest day due to feeling ill
* Day 5 (Saturday, June 23rd) - 5 mile run 6 mile run in 1:15:40 (12:36 pace) YAY
* Day 6 (Sunday, June 24th) - Rest day? 4 mile run in 50:00 (12:26 pace) WAHOO

Total Miles = 15.94 miles

**Blue = Accomplished
**Purple = To be Accomplished

Measurements (beginning of challenge - Tuesday, June 19th)
- Hips = 44"
- Waist = 38"
- Chest = 35"
- Left Thigh = 26"
- Right Thigh = 26"
- Left Calf = 15"
- Right Calf = 15"
- Left Bicep = 11"
- Right Bicep = 12"