Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new month means it's time to get back on track!

Last month I ran a total of 5 miles.


A measly 5.

I will not be doing that again this month! No siree!

Today I did a jog/walk combo where I did 10 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 8 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 6 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 4 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk.

Hopefully I can do this again tomorrow and maybe even cover a little more distance? :)

In addition to starting afresh with my running, I have also decided that I need to do start the Strong Like Susan abs program that I had signed up for last month but failed to ever start.

I didn't even do 1 day.

That will not be the case this month!

Plan for the rest of the week...

Wednesday - Wog 40 min + Day 1 Strong Like Susan
Thursday - Wog 40 min + Day 2 Strong Like Susan
Friday - Wog 40 min + Day 3 Strong Like Susan
Saturday - Wog 40 min + Day 4 Strong Like Susan (rest day)

Project Zero - 101 in 1001 (update end of month 6)

Well, here I am, late again... but I did make a LITTLE progress this past month on my 101 in 1001 so here is my update! Really hoping once I'm not in Bar exam doom and gloom I will be able to maybe make more progress on this list!

Bold = DONE
Italics = Began
** = Worked on this month

Start Date = Monday January 9th, 2012
End Date =Monday October 6th, 2014


1. Pass the Oregon Bar Exam
2. Participate in NanoWrimo
3. Compete in and finish a marathon!
4. Open own solo law practice
5. Write a book (or short story) 


6. Find a church to attend in Salem - DONE 3_25_2012
7. Re-read the Bible in a year using a program like before
8. Join an online Bible study - DONE 1_15_2012
9. Spend a month actively praying for family and friends and keep a list of people and keep it in a visible place [0/31]
**10. Organize my notes from when I read the Bible all the way through in 2011
**11. Do at least 10 more devotionals of varying lengths from my Bible [7/10]
12. Plan a time with Aaron and my mom and sister in which to get my niece dedicated and baptized at our community church
13. Buy Selena her first Bible


14. Pay off my quad - DONE in Month 6
15. Pay off both of my credit cards (Amazon and B of A)
16. Make my own coffee ONLY for 1 Month [31/31] - DONE 5_20_2012
**17. Start couponing for groceries
18. Establish an emergency fund of $5,000
19. Keep track of all spending for 1 month [0/31]
20. Donate to my undergrad
21. Buy a house
22. Buy a new car
23. Buy a new couch and recliner


24. Go on a hiking trip to Silver Falls with a friend or group of friends
25. Go camping with girlfriends (without our boys)
26. Go one week without caffeine [0/7]
27. Go one month without fast food [0/31]
28. Floss every night for one week [0/7]
29. Run 20 miles in one single run
30. Go skiing or snowboarding for the FIRST time
31. Give up soda for 1 month [31/31] - DONE in Month 5
32. Give up sugar for 1 month [0/31]
33. Try all of the classes at the gym at least once
34. Grow a garden in the planter boxes - DONE in Month 5
35. Go to bed by 9pm for 1 week [0/7]
36. Get up and out of bed by 6am for 2 weeks [0/14]


**37. Use and improve my Spanish
38. Identify 100 things that make me happy [0/100] - started 1000 gifts 4_20_12
39. Learn 1 thing new every day for 1 month [31/31] - DONE 3_21_12
**40. Try 50 new recipes [8/50]
41. Join Toastmasters
42. Learn how to play PS3 so I can play Call of Duty with Joe
43. Make a pizza from scratch 
44. Learn how to knit
45. Learn how to crochet


**46. Clean and organize office/spare room
**47. Organize pictures
48. Delete duplicated songs off itunes and find names for all unnamed songs - DONE 5_18_2012

49. Get all photos into albums
50. Get everything of mine from mom's house and organize it
51. Help mom get her house in order
**52. Clean and organize garage


53. Attend a music festival
**54. Try 10 new local restaurants with or without Joe [4/10] - Ventis, Orupa, Thai Beer, La Perla
**55. Replace movies we only have on VHS with movies on DVD or Bluray
56. Go to the ballet
57. Go to the opera
58. Go to a comedy club
59. Join a couples' pool playing league with Joe
60. Buy a companion African Grey parrot for Harrison


61. Befriend someone new
**62. Visit with a friend in person at least once a month [6/33]
63. Meet a blog friend
64. Attend MY 10 year high school reunion
65. Attend Joe's 10 year high school reunion with him
66. Host a games night
67. Host a dinner party
68. Have a mother/daughter day
69. Have a niece/auntie day - DONE in Month 4


**70. Read 100 NEW TO ME books [23/100] - as of 8_01_12
71. Read a book of poems
**72. Finish reading the entire Harry Potter series [6/7]


73. See all of AFI's top 100 movies [19/100]
**74. Discover 10 (new to me) musicians [2/10] Fun, Trevor Hall,
75. Learn to drive a stick shift
76. Learn to drive in Joe's BIG truck comfortably
78. Buy someone a gift off Etsy - DONE 1_18_2012


79. Find places looking for volunteers and volunteer somewhere once a month [0/33] - missed first 6 months
80. Send a family member a care package
81. Send a friend a care package
82. Give a gift "just because"
83. Choose 3 organizations/causes to contribute to financially [2/3]


84. Watch the sunrise 10 times [0/10]
85. Take walks with Joe after he gets off work every evening for a week
86. Meditate for 30 minutes every morning for 1 month [0/31]
87. Write a letter to a future me :)
88. Spend a whole day painting
89. Spend a whole day drawing


90. Visit Joe's aunt and uncle in St. Croix
91. Go to NY - a BIG dream of mine
92. Go out of the country (never been)
93. Take a road trip with some girlfriends
94. Plan a trip to see a family member I have never met before (or cannot remember ever meeting)
95. Visit 3 NEW TO ME national parks [0/3]
96. Visit Mount Rushmore
97. Visit Central Park
98. Go to Times Square
99. Shop in downtown NYC
100. Run a race somewhere out of state
101. Visit with Katie in Las Vegas

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Closed...[Hemlock #1]

Hemlock (Hemlock, #1)Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I checked out this book on a whim and I am so glad that I did. It is definitely not your average para-normal fantasy book. Yes, it has werewolves, yes it has a kick ass protagonist, but it is definitely not like the other cookie cutter books out there. It had so many unexpected twists and turns and I love how it left on a cliff hanger that will set things up nicely for the next book!

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