Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new month means it's time to get back on track!

Last month I ran a total of 5 miles.


A measly 5.

I will not be doing that again this month! No siree!

Today I did a jog/walk combo where I did 10 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 8 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 6 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 4 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk.

Hopefully I can do this again tomorrow and maybe even cover a little more distance? :)

In addition to starting afresh with my running, I have also decided that I need to do start the Strong Like Susan abs program that I had signed up for last month but failed to ever start.

I didn't even do 1 day.

That will not be the case this month!

Plan for the rest of the week...

Wednesday - Wog 40 min + Day 1 Strong Like Susan
Thursday - Wog 40 min + Day 2 Strong Like Susan
Friday - Wog 40 min + Day 3 Strong Like Susan
Saturday - Wog 40 min + Day 4 Strong Like Susan (rest day)


  1. My running schedule was more like: run to the gate and catch a flight, sleep in the airport when it's canceled.

    Run 45 seconds, sit down for 10 minutes. Run to the restroom, stand for a few seconds.

    Run to the bar, sit for 3 hours.

    Hey, I have to get my exercise on!

    By the way, when do you get the results from that bar exam?

    1. Hey, some running is better than no running, right?

      The results are tentatively set for September 21st... but the Bar examiners always tend to jerk us around, so who knows!