Saturday, October 29, 2011

please hold... will be back soon!

I am currently out of the state.

Mini-vacation this weekend with the fiancee.

In Seattle until tomorrow night! Will be back with an update on Monday which is also Halloween!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday with "Alison Can Read" #3

Happy Friday all! I'm linking up again this week with Follow my Book Blog Friday at Alison Can Read! If you are here from the blog hop, welcome! Hope you enjoy my blog!

Q. If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

First off I would have to say that I would like to eat with Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games trilogy! He seems like he would make good company and I really like his character in the books. Since his family owns the bakery, I would say that we would probably eat something from there...

Then I would probably have to say Jacob from Twilight. I am NOT an Edward fan at all. While I was reading the series I kept hoping and praying that Bella would end up with Jacob and I was more than displeased when I saw that he had ended up with her DAUGHTER instead... Can we just say AWKWARD??? Anyways, I think Jacob would be a much safer bet for a dinner date than say one of the vamps... After all, this question says who would you eat with? Not, who would you let eat you.... And I would say that Jake and I would probably have some hamburgers and fries or a nice big steak!

Finally I would like to have dinner with Susie Salmon from the Lovely Bones. I think she would be a great dinner date because she could tell me about all of her adventures in the "in between" and I could see us eating sweets or other desserts for dinner :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And the self-loathing just continues...

I feel awful.

Is this a new feeling? No.

It is a feeling I have been harboring ever since I found out the Bar results.

Has it gotten better, you would think it would... But no, if anything it has gotten worse. It seems to grow worse day by day. I have some "good" days, but mostly they are bad.

I have tried to find work, a job, any job.

I have been turned away for jobs that I was more than qualified for. Today just that happened.

I was at the gym for yoga and when I got out of class there was the message in my voicemail, "we have decided to accept another applicant and will not be hiring you... we will keep your information on file..."

Why do people even say that? As if keeping my application, which you will most likely just end up never looking at again, and then tossing it, "on file" is supposed to make everything better.

Well, guess what, it doesn't. But I guess if it makes it easier for you to sleep at night, then more power to you.

Me on the other hand, I don't sleep. At least not well. It's been months since I've had a good nights' rest.

And everyone keeps saying it will get better, this is just God's plan, etc. And while I really TRULY want to believe them, I also just want to tell them to SHUT UP.

Why did I spend 100s of thousands of dollars on higher education to not even be eligible for a minimum wage position? Is this what God planned for me? To not even be barely making it by?

Don't get me wrong, I do believe in God and I want to believe that things will get better... but it is SO HARD.

Now I guess all I can do is keep trying to find work. However, my luck, things will turn around and I will find a job just when I need to get fully involved with studying again for Bar attempt #2.

Just Closed... [The Gin Closet]

The Gin ClosetThe Gin Closet by Leslie Jamison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was so dark and depressing, but in a good way (if there is such a way that depressing and dark can be good). If so, this book epitomizes it! I had many times where I wanted to cry for the characters, the darkness and the depth of what was happening to them. In a way this book showed me that even if you think you have it bad, there is always someone who has it worse. Lastly, I like the way that the chapters rotated from Stella, to Tilly, back to Stella, and back to Tilly, and so on. It showed how they were both so different, but yeah so much the same, and the transitions were fluid and not jumpy where you get confused, as I have been known to do with some books I have read. While the ending was sad, and not happy like I might have liked, it still seemed to reach a fitting conclusion, and for that I was grateful.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Workout Schedule (Short Week!)

Monday the 24th - REST (self-imposed due to feeling crummy)

Tuesday the 25th - 30 minutes bike, 30 minutes elliptical, and 30 minutes stairmaster

Wednesday the 26th - 1 hour yoga class AND 45 minutes of "choice" of exercise

Thursday the 27th - 30 minutes bike, 30 minutes elliptical, and 30 minutes stairmaster

Friday the 28th - REST (because will be on the road heading north to Seattle, WA for the weekend!!!)

Saturday the 29th - hoping our hotel has a fitness room, but if not, will certainly walk a lot in the city

Sunday the 30th - Seahawks game day and then traveling back home, so probably another REST day

**Hope you are all having a GREAT week!