Sunday, May 27, 2012

Post-half marathon recovery week 1 (completed!)

So I know that traditionally you should wait for approx 13 days after a half marathon before resuming regular training, etc. That being said I decided I couldn't NOT run for that long.

So I have devised a "plan" of running for this week that shouldn't be too stressing on my fatigued legs and joints and should allow me to get out and get my run on!

Monday May 21st - REST
Tuesday May 22nd - REST
Wednesday May 23rd - 2 miles EZ --> Done 2.15 miles in 32:00 (14:45 pace)
Thursday May 24th - 30 minutes --> Done 2.25 miles in 30:00 (13:20 pace) + ST - Strength training (W = Weights)
Friday May 25th - 35 minutes --> Done 2.68 miles in 35:00 (13:03 pace)
Saturday May 26th - 30 minutes --> Done 2.31 miles in 30:00 (12:59 pace) + ST W
Sunday May 27th - 35 minutes --> Done REST DAY

I think I will continue a similar "recovery" plan for next week and then will resume my regular "non-training" schedule the following week

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