Thursday, May 10, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.36

A bit faster today, a little shorter distance, and not too much steepness! Mile 1 was 11:57, mile 2 was 12:07, and mile 3 was 11:50.

Todays' stats = 3.00 miles in 35:55

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.35

First run in Grove in a LONG time! Decided to do a run we used to do in high school up this road called Hillside Drive. I was reminded why I always despised this run back in my cross country and track days... The hills are steep! Not super steep but there is a decent incline and it goes on for almost the entire road. And I decided to do an out and back route, so 2 miles out and then 2 miles back home. The back home wasn't as bad because there was quite a bit more downhill, but I definitely felt the downhill in my lower back, so I'm sure that wasn't great. My first mile was 13:34, second was 12:24, third was 13:16, and fourth was 12:22. I suppose that's decent for the type of run it was, and as much as it sucked doing it, I miss longer hilly runs like this, since there aren't a lot of hills where I live in Salem. All in all a good run and looking forward to my 3 miler here in Grove tomorrow :)

Todays' stats = 4.00 miles in 51:37

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.34

This jog went well. Considering my legs were super sore and stiff from my first Spartan class yesterday! I am glad I went out. Hadn't really been feeling like it as my stomach was somewhat crampy and just not feeling well. But I figured I'm into my final 2 weeks of training for my half and it's just 12 days away, I better keep at it! Started around 13:30 pace, which is slower than I want to run my half marathon in, but I had negative splits for both mile 2 and mile 3, which has been happening a lot as my legs ease into the run and I get warmed up. Hoping for a good run tomorrow and lots of stretching tonight!

Todays' stats = 3.00 miles in 39:12

Monday, May 7, 2012

A to Z April Challenge - Reflections Post

Here I am to reflect on last month's challenge, the Blogging from A to Z Challenge! It was a last minute decision for me to participate in this challenge, which I heard about from Brittany here. I am so glad that I decided to participate.

I wrote most of my posts on time (I think I had two that I wrote late is all) and I even wrote a few early!

I didn't really have a set theme of topics, but instead decided to write about whatever came to mind on that particular day.

I got a couple new followers during this challenge, and I met and started following a TON of bloggers.

The majority of the blogs that I visited in this challenge are writers or aspiring writers and I was able to find out a lot of different tips to utilize when I begin to write, which is something that I have wanted to start doing.

I would LOVE to do this challenge (or a similar one) in the future. I think it is a great way to assure that you keep writing blog posts and the particular prompts (or in this case letters) makes you think about what you would like to write.

Here is a list of my topics throughout this challenge, just to refresh those of you who are followers, and to introduce to those of you who are first-time visitors to my blog. As you can see I posted about faith, myself and my own characteristics, the Bar exam, things I do, things I want to do, interesting and fun words, etc.

A = Amen, Again and Again
B = Bar
C = Courage
D = Driving
E = Education (and the importance thereof)
F = Favorites
G = Gardening
H = High Heels
I = Insight
J = Jogging
K = Knitting
L = Getting (L)et Go
M = Movies
N = Notary Public
O = Obsessive Compulsive
P = Pictures
Q =       Quandary
R = Rain
S = Sweat
T = Television
U = Ultras
V = Variety
W = Worry
X = Xylophobia
Y = Yesterday
Z = Zeal

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Half Marathon #3 - Training Week #10

Week 10 (Monday April 30th - Sunday May 6th)

Mon - Scheduled = 0 / Done = 0
Tues - Scheduled = 4 / Done = 4 miles in 47:50
Wed - Scheduled = 5 / Done = 3.65 miles in 45:00
Thurs - Scheduled = 4 / Done = 2.25 miles in 25:00
Fri - Scheduled = 0 / Done = 0
Sat - Scheduled = 4 / Done = 0
Sun - Scheduled = 12 / Done = 0

Weekly Total = 9.90 miles