Friday, October 28, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday with "Alison Can Read" #3

Happy Friday all! I'm linking up again this week with Follow my Book Blog Friday at Alison Can Read! If you are here from the blog hop, welcome! Hope you enjoy my blog!

Q. If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

First off I would have to say that I would like to eat with Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games trilogy! He seems like he would make good company and I really like his character in the books. Since his family owns the bakery, I would say that we would probably eat something from there...

Then I would probably have to say Jacob from Twilight. I am NOT an Edward fan at all. While I was reading the series I kept hoping and praying that Bella would end up with Jacob and I was more than displeased when I saw that he had ended up with her DAUGHTER instead... Can we just say AWKWARD??? Anyways, I think Jacob would be a much safer bet for a dinner date than say one of the vamps... After all, this question says who would you eat with? Not, who would you let eat you.... And I would say that Jake and I would probably have some hamburgers and fries or a nice big steak!

Finally I would like to have dinner with Susie Salmon from the Lovely Bones. I think she would be a great dinner date because she could tell me about all of her adventures in the "in between" and I could see us eating sweets or other desserts for dinner :)


  1. I bet Peeta makes some awesome bread! : )
    Good choice!
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  3. Oh Susie Salmon. The Lovely Bones is such a powerful book. And yeah, the 4th book in the Twilight Saga was rather shocking. I totally agree.

    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (new follower)

  4. Oh, Susie is a good answer. I adored that book, and I liked the movie just as much.

  5. I loved that book too, new follower, here's mine

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    Peeta Mellark Yes Please :)

  7. Hmm, I do love Gabe's character, but Peeta would be great to dine with and question to death...

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  8. Ooh Peeta would be a great dinner guest!

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