Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weight-Loss Wednesday #2

I'm back for week 2 of my weight-loss Wednesdays! If you haven't seen this weekly thing I am now doing, you can check out my first entry HERE. As I mentioned last week, I am going to be sharing Bob Harper's Skinny Rules over the course of the next 13 weeks and I am going to share my progress on meeting his rules and trying to incorporate them into my life! 

Last week I shared Rules 1 and 2. I have done pretty good at drinking water and staying hydrated, but I do need to continue to try drinking a glass of water before EVERY meal. That is definitely something I struggle with. Also, drinking a glass of water right after I wake up. Usually I go for the coffee first thing and then have water afterward. As for rule 2, I am doing a lot better about not drinking my calories. For example, this weekend when I got Joe and I coffee at Dutch Bros I made sure to get a sugarfree nonfat white mocha, which is definitely a better option than the regular white mochas I so often would enjoy. 

All of that being said, I am now moving on to the next rule. 
Rule # 3 - Eat Protein at Every Meal - Or Stay Hungry and Grouchy

Bob suggests that we eat protein at EVERY single meal. Not just because it is so very important to our bodies, but because we should be eating at least half of our body weight in grams of protein EVERY day. That means for a 170 pound person you should be eating 85 grams of protein A DAY. Obviously that is not something you could easily consume at one single meal.

Plus keeping protein as something you include all day throughout the day will help the body to be able to stay full and satisfied without eating a lot of other junk that we often turn to in times of hunger.

Types of protein he focuses on in the book include those that are found in:

- Fish (his NUMBER ONE choice)
- Eggs
- Chicken and turkey (preferably organic or "free range")
- Pork (loin for lowest in calories, while rump has highest fat and should be avoided)
- Beef (preferably organic and grass fed, with the leanest cuts being eye of round and sirloin tip side, and the fattiest being t-bone and rib-eye)
- Cheese (not bad, just remember to eat it in moderation, with many low in calories and high in protein, there are some "healthier" options available)
- Tofu and tempeh (which he suggests are good to have on your "meatless" days, which he suggests to try for at least 1 day per week).

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  1. I am so bad about incorporating protein into my diet. I really need to step that up!