Monday, November 21, 2011

Random thoughts and phrases while in my "I'm still sick" haze...

Soooo I have been sick since Wednesday... which totally sucks because my 21 day fitness plan has went to crap because I obviously am not eating much and obviously not leaving home to work out.

I am just today starting to feel somewhat better, but I do still have little to no voice and a major snotty nose.

I have lots planned for later this week, so I REALLY need to get better over the next couple days...

Also, I am thinking about starting to study again. Thinking I might break it down real small and do a subject a day, just more of a cursory overview and refresh. Hopefully will start that today, and probably with Tax.


  1. Sorry you are sick! :(

    Though I recommend reality TV and ice cream to recover, if you become masochistic and being studying, I stumbled across some decent outlines on the NCBEX website. Obviously they are REALLY cursory, but it helps to treat it as a checklist (or so I have been told). It works for MBE, at least.