Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever succeed...

And then things happen that remind me to be positive and to keep trying, to keep striving for my dreams.

After a hard first day of the Bar exam I am trying to unwind in my hotel room. I have done 18 practice MBEs and reviewed my MBE tips for all subjects. Even though I am not on Facebook right now, I can still access it through Harrison's account. Tonight I wanted to take a look around and let me just say, I am definitely feeling the love....

I was overwhelmed by the positive messages people posted for me, even in my absence!

"Please continue to think good thoughts for my sister who will be enduring her second day of bar testing tomorrow. She is such a trooper and I can't imagine doing what she has done to fulfill her dreams. I love you sister!" - Status update from my sister

"Keeping some dear friends in my heart today & tomorrow as they are taking the bar. Eek. Love you all♥" - Status update from one of my best friends

"Jenna is in Portland spending the night before the start of her 2-day marathon State Bar Exam tomorrow & Wednesday. Please channel good thoughts her way the next few days! I ♥ U All!" - Status update from my dad

And, last but definitely not least... Joe has been sad with me not home and he has been sending lots of texts... here is a back and forth we had tonight...

"I hope you stay with me if you pass" - Joe
"I hope you stay with me if I fail" - Me
"I will always be here, win or lose" - Joe

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, they have never gave up on me, even with this being my third time taking the Bar. I really hope this time is the time that it clicks, the time that I pass.


  1. I understand how it feels Jenna... It is such a great thing- family.

  2. I"m so proud of you and have been praying for you girls all week!