Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I still feel like I am in a fog... an "I didn't pass the Bar" fog. While I'm trying to be upbeat and positive, I just feel completely out of sorts.


  1. It's completely normal to feel out of sorts. I passed the bar on my second attempt, and although it sucked having to go through the process again it made me more determined to get it taken care of the second time around. It didn't make me any less of an attorney and I am actually more appreciative of my position since I had to work hard to get it. Take some time to yourself to just RELAX before you move on to the next round!

  2. My husband will be taking the bar for the 3rd time this February. It has absolutely nothing to do with how smart you are or how capable of an attorney you can be. Take your "grieving" time then leave it behind and try again... you can do it!

  3. We are going to be ok. And I love that you found my blog.
    In my opinion, not feeling alone is half the battle.
    And, statistics alone remind us that we are NOT alone.
    And together, we can do this.