Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years' Resolutions 2012

I want to first re-cap on what my resolutions were for 2011:
1. Read ENTIRE Bible cover to cover with a daily plan
2. Run MORE
3. Improve Health
4. Do MORE yoga
5. Go to gym regularly  

How I did:
2. Failed. Poo.
3. Eh....
4. Failed.
5. Did good for awhile then fell off at the end of year.  

Now for my new resolutions... 


Figure out a good organization plan for all rooms (mainly office/spare room)  


Keep current on all payments (while looking for work)

Work on lowering debt (once have a job again)

Work on promoting my PartyLite candle business  


Keep going to the gym regularly

Get back into running (run at least 2 half marathons and run at least 400 miles in 2012)

Get back to pre-law school weight of 135 (which means losing 30+ pounds)

Cut out all soda/diet soda

Limit to 1 cup of coffee per day

Incorporate more healthy meals into our life and routine  


Do at least 5 different devotional studies from my Bible of varying lengths (week long, month long, etc.)

Expand my knowledge on the Bible

Do something with the notes I compiled from my Bible studies in 2011  


Have a date night at least once a month

Write at least 1 snail mail letter each month (to friends or family)

Try to see mom at least once a month

Try to see a out of town friend at least once a month (finances dependent)

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