Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I am having a tough time...

One word - isolation. That's what I've been feeling. Isolated. Not because people don't want to see me or because I want to be, but because of the Bar exam. Studying is all encompassing and it's the majority of what I do and the majority of what I will do for the next while... Is this a new feeling? No. I felt this way with the other Bar exam last time, but at that point I didn't feel quite so alone because so many of my peers were in the same boat as me, so we could be isolated together, if that makes any sense. However now it is different. I do have friends who are taking the Bar exam again, but now we are all on our own, figuratively and literally. The first time around we took a class together, did the whole 9 yards. Now while some of us are still taking the class, it's not the same because we are doing it from home, largely in an effort to better tailor our studies to better assist us in passing this time around. Anyway, does this post have a point? Not really. Just rambling on my thoughts as of late. Finding it harder to be motivated without the support of a large group, but I am still doing my best, just need to get over the hump I think, as it is extremely demoralizing.

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  1. You are so NOT alone.
    And trust me, I 100% echo everything in this post.
    Before it seemed "ok" to have to study all the time because everyone that graduates from law school has to. Well, almost everyone.
    But now, the 2nd time around, it seems like the pack is smaller and you lose the solidarity AND the feeling of normalcy.
    I feel so irritated with myself because it's hard for me to even talk to people who aren't studying for it because it seems SO freaking unfair! Ha. How immature is that?
    Anyway, no point to this response. Other than to send a virtual hug.