Friday, May 18, 2012

Portland Rock n' Roll Half Marathon 2012 (Part 1) - EXPO!

Thought I would share with you my exciting trip to the Expo for the Inaugural Portland Rock n' Roll Half Marathon that is this Sunday! 

I live a little less than an hour south of Portland, so I am not staying in Portland for the race but will drive up with my mom in the morning on Sunday. 

I like doing that a LOT better because I LOVE sleeping in my own bed! 

The Expo was a lot of fun. 

Being unemployed and on a limited budget I wasn't able to buy things that I wanted to get, like super awesome shirts, headbands, hats, etc. 

However, there were tons of free samples and I still got my super awesome swag bag with my Brooks technical race t-shirt :) 

So I can't complain! 

Anyway, here are some pictures I took to share! :) 

At the entrance to the Expo 

Red carpet up to the Check-In :) 

I really liked this little countdown... It did make me a little more nervous! It's soooo close! 

Two time Olympian runner, Kara Goucher, was giving an interview while I was there! How exciting! She is definitely a running celebrity and a shining example for women runners and women athletes! If I could even have half of her talent I would be doing well! 

Another picture of Kara during her interview 

The front of my race shirt. It is actually REALLY cute and I LOVE the color. Very exciting for a race shirt. Something I will actually want to wear! 

The back of my race shirt :) 

My race bib. I'm in the 19th corral and there are 23 corrals. Yes, I am a slow runner. 


And here is what I will be running for on Sunday... the BEAUTIFUL race bling! Can't wait to earn mine!!


  1. OMG that expo was freaking rad!! I brought home more free randomness from this expo than any other expo before!!