Monday, October 10, 2011

Running Inner Dialogue

My inner voice (IV): "Starting running again?"

Me: "I believe so, yes"

IV: "what is this, your 100th re-start in this year alone?"

Me: "Probably like 101st... but who is counting anyway? Besides, I feel like I have many reasons why this year has been rough...."

IV: "How about we quit with the reasons and excuses?"

Me: "I would sure like to try..."

Now, honestly, how many of you have dialogues with your inner voice like that of above? Maybe not with regard to running, but with other things in your life? I am certain we all do, with one thing or another... Maybe even with 2 or 3 things!

However, here I am, again, ready to start running again.

I HATE how much I have let my desire slip... I HATE the fact that I am even saying my desire slipped. But it has! However, yesterday I had the complete urge to run. Sadly I was nowhere where I could actually run. And even if I had been able I did not have my clothes to run in or my shoes or my music. Now I know these are not necessarily things I need to have to run, but still.

Just hoping that today's run doesn't make me lose my desire.

Praying that it only ignites the fire that has lately been out.

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