Friday, October 7, 2011

Wow. The uneducation of people is sickening sometimes...

Here is the conversation that has me up in arms... Mind you this took place on Facebook and it was from a status of a friend, or should I say "acquaintance" of mine...

Friends' status says:

Seriously gay....been waiting at walmart for almost an hour because the prescription was faxed to walgreen's, supposed to be faxed to walmart then they had to call again and have it read out to pharmacist to freaking fill the damn thing....... Come on! Ugh

One of her friends asks:

What does being gay have to do with waiting for a prescription?

Another friend says:

Walmart sucks too bad cg don't have a shopko. They r so much better

I ask:

Can a prescription or pharmacy even have a sexual orientation? If so, how do u know its gay? Could be straight, bi or even transgendered

"Friend" who posted says:

It was a figure of freaking speech guys, come on.... idk if someone is gay or not that is their preference and i happen to know gay people!!! ai didnt think spending an hour at walmart just for a freaking prescription was all to fun and neither would anyone else......

I respond:

I guess it just doesn't seem "politically correct" to call something "gay". Especially considering all of the connotations and things surrounding the term. As for it being a figure of speech, it's really not, simply it's a term used to describe sexual orientation. There are many other terms that can be used in its place...Like "seriously annoying" "seriously upseting" etc. It's like you saying "seriously retarded" or something of that nature. Sorry you got upset, but I don't think using those terms in the context you did is really something you can expect to not cause offense in someone or another.

Status poster says:

well i wasnt meaning to have people react the way they did and i use it all the time and ive used retarded but not trying to offend anyone ive heard way worse things then calling something gay or retarded!!! ive always used it. this is the first time people have taken it the wrong way..... im not racial and i dont care what someones sexual orientation is, like i said before that is their preferance....

I respond:

Sorry. I've been extra sensitive lately (because of a variety of things) and I know you didn't mean it in the derogatory way... Things are just getting to me more lately than normal.

Status poster responds:

thats fine i was just stating things that were stupid to me i guess....... and sorry things are getting to you easily!

Another new person to conversation(butting her nose in):

omg say what you want it is who you are people know what you meant if they really know you if they dont understand it or know you then shut up and dont read it, "freakin retarded"--- meaning stupid if someone doesnt get it or me!!!!!!!!!

And yet another (with even more stupid shit spouted out):

Hahaha gay poop pussy fart fuck butt fart gay gay gay hahahaha


  1. I've started unfriending "those" people. I just can't handle it - especially with the poor spelling/grammar/made up words. Of course, now that I don't have a facebook it doesn't matter, but it sure made things more peaceful back then once I got over the guilt. ha.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. My blogger name is "Fruit Fly" because I am the girl that hangs with my dear gay boys - and lesbians, too. And you know what? My gays can't stand Wal-Mart, so this "figure of speech" doesn't even apply.

    Something similar happened in my friend circle about a month ago. I learned about it after the fact. One girl said something to the effect of "I am so retarded ....". A girl whose sister has Down Syndrome kind of pointed out the bad choice of words. Girl 1 says it is okay that she says it because her sister also has Down Syndrome -- this is true actually. So then my other friend pops in pointing out that she of all people should be setting an example and not using that word, she says that she is a lesbian and doesn't go around calling things gay and expecting it to be okay.

    In the end everybody started bashing on the two girls trying to stick up for people... AND the two girls both got unfriended! Apparently some people can't even handle getting called out on their bad behavior! I am happy the two stood up for people. There are so many words in our language, you'd think they could be smart enough to come up with some other options.