Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Challenge Month!

So I stumbled across some very interesting February challenges on my friend Courtney's Blog and I decided that I had to participate! :)

Here are the challenges in no particular order...

A Twitter buddy of Courtney's, @MaddyHubba has started the #burpeefebruary challenge. Basically you do 1 burpee on February 1st, 2 burpees on February 2nd, and so on. I can see this getting challenging once we hit the double digits!

Then next we have the February Photo a Day Challenge which is being hosted by Fat Mum Slim and will be a fun way for me to partake in a modified 365 project (or I suppose it would be 366 for this year)

I never can keep up for the whole year, so here's hoping it isn't too bad for just 1 month!


Lastly, we have the challenge of Fab Ab February. Who doesn't want fab abs? Seriously. This will be not only fun (yes, I use that term loosely) but it will always be helpful to keep myself accountable! 


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