Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.9

I made it! I haven't ran this far or for this long in AGES! Let me just say... I am OVERJOYED! I didn't walk AT ALL (not that walking is a bad thing...) but for me it was HUGE. I decided to run at the gym on the indoor track... It was a bit too wet outside for my liking and the treadmill room at the gym is always too warm and I start to feel dizzy around mile 2. The running track is super short (19 laps = 1 mile) but its nice and cool in there and DRY! Wahoo!!!

Todays' stats: 5.02 miles in 1:00:00

Additionally I have decided to resurrect my participation in Weigh-In Wednesdays.

Weigh-in Wednesday #1 = 169 pounds
**Goal weight = 135 pounds
**Pounds to go = 34