Monday, October 17, 2011

Scary Movie Monday [The Shining & Poltergeist]

I am here to admit that I had NEVER seen either The Shining or Poltergeist. EVER. I use the past tense because today I watched both movies.



AMC is having it's Fear Fest right now and I decided to take advantage of it, because I ADORE scary movies!

I really liked both movies... would have to say that I thought The Shining was a bit more scary, but that considering them on the scale of scary horror movies that are put out in today's world, neither of these were really that frightening. However, the concepts were very "cutting edge" for their time... Poltergeist came out in 1982, 29 years ago! It's even older than me! As for The Shining it came out in 1980, so 31 years ago.

If you have not seen one or the other, or even both of these movies, I would highly recommend them. Even if you aren't in to scary movies. They aren't really too scary and they are actually quite "classic" Hollywood. Yes, they are quite campy, but that's all a part of it's charm and appeal!

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  1. This Fear Fest sounds like something I should tune into! I don't think I've seen Poltergeist actually. I feel like I tried and got bored. Or maybe that was the Exorcist? I always get those two confused.

    The Shining is crazy strange! I just love Jack Nicholson, even if he hair is a little out of control in that movie!