Saturday, June 23, 2012

The "Zen" of Running

Had to share this with my fellow bloggers in it's own separate post because I know I have a lot of runner followers... I just read the most simplistic book about running ever, and I LOVED it.

You can find it for purchase HERE on Amazon. Or you can be like me and check it out from your library!

What the book looks like...

Wise words that I wanted to share... and yes, the whole book was like this. 

I couldn't just stop with the above, I had to add in some more pages to share. In a world of training books and books about running, this is definitely different. Some of you might think it a little too hippie dippie for your liking, but I really enjoyed it and thought it was so nice to step back from all competition of running and just think about running and how good it can be for a person. I highly recommend to everyone that is a runner to pick it up or at least check it out! :)
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I am assuming this is author, Fred Rohe, enjoying a run... There are multiple pictures of this man running, which has led me to this conclusion. 

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  1. I think running is fun indeed... though, I am not a runner or anything. But, it is fun.