Monday, December 12, 2011

Friendly Update....

Just a quick update that is not really exercise or book related. It's been a long time, no?

Well I am back to studying for the Bar! Today is crimes focus and I am nearly done with one of my self imposed "assignments" and I have approx 3 more to do. Woot?!

I am working on getting back on track with my Bible in 365 days resolution I made this year and should be back on track by the end of the week. I fell behind for a bit, but I am still making up ground and it is still completely doable for this year. I am amazed that come the 31st of this month I will have read the ENTIRE Bible! Wow! I have so many notes from what I have read, whether it be scripture verses, questions, comments, etc. Maybe next year my goal will be to focus in more on some of the questions I have found myself asking from this years' studies.

Looking forward to Christmas, almost have my shopping done and need to get to wrapping things.... I doubt having my gifts all stowed under my bed is a good means of hiding them. Lol.

This Saturday is my dad's side of the family Christmas party and I'm helping my dad host it this year, so I will be headed down to his house on Friday to stay overnight. It should be really fun as always! :)

Then on Sunday I am hosting a Christmas party with 5 of my close girlfriends here at my house. We did a gift exchange thing where we each picked one girls' name and get to buy them a gift. Two of my friends are bringing food items to share, I'm providing beverages (holiday inspired), and I think the other 3 are going to bring a combo of treats and drinks to share. Should be a LOT of fun!

Also, I think my sister and niece are coming up tomorrow to visit me and that we might go up to Portland to see the Zoolights display at the Portland Zoo. It should be really fun. My niece just turned 15 months on the 8th and she loves lights.

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  1. awesome job with your reading plan! I crashed and burned, and am now trying to figure out what my plan will be for 2012.