Thursday, January 12, 2012

N2U CT Challenge January edition

I'm certain many of you runner bloggy buddies out there have heard of fellow runner, (Just) Trying is for Little Girls, right?

If not, you should totally go check out her blog. She is super inspiring as a runner, blogger, and just all around woman!

Well the reason I bring her blog up is because I have signed up to participate in her monthly challenge for 2012 which is called the New To You Cross Training Challenge (aka N2U CT Challenge as my post title indicates)

What this challenge entails is trying out one (at least) new (to you) cross training experience each month of 2012! As all of my fellow runners know, cross training is VERY important as a part of training, and it is also something that is often tossed aside by runners because oftentimes we just want to run!

So all of this being said, today I accomplished my new cross training experience for January of 2012!

I recently got the Just Dance 3 game for my Wii and my future mother in law was kind enough to show me that there is actually a "sweat" option along with the regular "dance" option, so that you can utilize the game not just for fun but also for getting in a workout.

Today I selected "sweat" and sweat I did! I did 5 songs total and had a lot of fun. Did I sense my uncoordination? Yes. Did I miss a lot of the "moves"? Yes. But did I get a workout? Yes.

I am choosing not to post any pictures because I didn't take any, but if you look up Just Dance 3 on google you can see what this game entails.

Hope you check back in to see what I have in store for February's new activity and be sure to stop by and sign up for the challenge at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls!


  1. Nice job! How fun. We don't have Just Dance 3, but I've got the first two. It is quite a workout!

  2. Over from Just Trying is for Little Girls . . . great job. I have heard several people do the Dance wii game and everyone seems to LOVE it. I don't know anything about it so google I will! Awesome job!!! Can't wait to see what else you do for the year!

  3. like you, I think I would be SEVERELY reminded of my uncoordination (which is why cross training is so hard for me)

    Way to think outside the box for January!