Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for... Knitting

In the theme of when I posted about something I would like to learn to do, see gardening, I decided today I would follow that suit.

I would also like to learn how to knit.

I really enjoy making things and having fun hobbies and crafts that can keep me busy and keep me learning, etc.

I think knitting could be just that!

I don't really know anything else to say on the subject, but if anyone has any tips, tricks, suggestions, etc. don't hesitate to leave a comment! :)

**This post is for the April A to Z Challenge!


  1. Visiting from A/Z. My mom knitted a lot; hats, socks, etc. I knitted a few things, baby blankets, but not in a long time. It is a fun thing to do. I saw a class offered at one of the libraries where I used to live; maybe you can see if there is a night class or something that can help you learn how to knit :) Good luck with it and the rest of the challenge!


  2. If you want to learn to knit... just do it! There are tons of online videos. Go buy a ball of yarn and some big needles and have at! Knitting is something you really can learn in just a few days.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding