Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My American Idol debate...

I have really tried to refrain from posting my thoughts about this season of American Idol because while I have been happy at times, I have mostly thought the competition was unfair and things that have happened just weren't right.

In particular, if you are a friend of mine IRL you know that I HATE Jessica Sanchez. And yes, I know hate is a strong word, so maybe I should just say I really really dislike her.

For example, the one time she gets "voted off" by America, the judges are able to "save her" with the single judges' save. Then after that point she is hardly ever in bottom 2. Why do I feel like this was a set-up? So that the judges could waste their only save on her? I know I sound all conspiracy theory here, but it is EXACTLY how I feel and EXACTLY how it looks. Annoying.  

I just don't feel like she is genuine. Maybe it's because she is so young and has led a relatively sheltered life... That is what some of my friends have said, but I'm still not sure if I believe it.

Then I also have friends who have claimed that she is going to be the next Whitney Houston. And I'm like "WHAT? There is NO WAY!"

But, somehow she has made it to the finals. This week we will know if she wins and if I will further lose my faith in one of my most beloved reality shows. Thank God for The Voice! :)

Anyway, all of that being said, I REALLY hope Phillip wins! He is just too original to not win.


Guy with a guitar :) 

And because I loved others in the competition whom I think deserved to make it further, here's my shout outs to them!
Colton Dixon, I always love the rockers on Idol. I think you were voted off much too soon and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. 

Skylar Laine, you are such a little spitfire. I loved all of your performances and wished you would have made it further. You should have been the final girl.


  1. That is a nice picture of Colton. Hottie!! : ) Go Phillip!

  2. I like Colton, and wished he would be at the top. IDK how I feel about the two that made it.