Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Women in the Word Wednesday - 2012 Summer Study Wk 2

Today I am linking up with Good Morning Girls for "Women in the Word Wednesday"

I have decided that for these little weekly re-caps I am going to start with the following week's Thursday and then continue through the present Wednesday. Since I participate and post these on Wednesday's you will technically get half of the prior week and only half of the current week, but it should work out!

Thursday, May 17th
- Proverbs 31:7-8

I thought that these two verses were a good continuance after 5 and 6 which talked about not drinking as leaders and that alcohol was for the dying and those in bitter distress. I think the point of these two verses was to say that these people (the dying and distressed) can drink as a way to escape their fates, but that those of us who are leaders need to not drink so that we can speak up for those who can't. It is indeed a large burden to put on those who are leading, but I think it is a grand idea and a grand ideal to strive toward. While I love to drink on occasion, I will admit that I am in no shape to make decisions for others or to speak up for them when I am under the influence!

Friday, May 18th
- Proverbs 31:9

I really liked Proverbs 31:9. I don't know if it's because I feel like it resonates with me in my desire to become an attorney, but I feel like it is talking directly to me. I want to be able to assure that the poor and helpless get justice, I really do. I feel like reading this in conjunction with the prior verses is giving me the message that in order to obtain justice for others I need to have a clear head and that means to avoid intoxicating substances

Monday, May 21st
- Page 6 of Proverbs 31 Woman book
- Proverbs 31:10
- Proverbs 12:4

Reading page 6 of the Proverbs 31 book "How to be a Treasure to Your Husband" I found myself agreeing with some of the traits and then kind of disagreeing with others. Well I suppose disagreeing isn't the correct word. I guess I would just re-iterate that I sometimes believe that the Proverbs 31 woman sets an unreachable high standard! While I do agree that it is something that we women should all aspire to, I guess I just get down when I realize that I am nowhere near where I should be. Then I think to myself why should I think I'm nowhere near where I should be? Why do I have to put myself down for what I'm not, instead of building myself up for what I am? I guess that's where my personality and character comes in... I'm a perfectionist. If I'm not completely right about something then I assume I am completely wrong. Why does it have to be an all or nothing thing? I guess that's what I am continually trying to work on in myself. Pardon me for the side rant there, just needed to get it out.

I really like how Proverbs 31:10 refers to a virtuous and capable wife as being more precious than rubies. It just goes to show how valuable that type of wife is. I long to be that type of wife, and I suppose in my current relationship, that kind of fiancee.

Proverbs 12:4 says that a worthy wife is a crown for her husband, but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones. To me this says that a worthy wife is someone that the husband is proud to have, someone that he is proud to show off, someone that makes him a better man. While a disgraceful woman is something that the husband does not want to have, someone that is harmful to him, someone that is potentially even deadly for him

Tuesday, May 22nd
- Proverbs 18:22
- Proverbs 19:4

These verses were very insightful and I learned a good amount from them. My main observation from the 2 that were assigned for our study was that men should treasure their wives for they are gifts from God. In applying this to my own life I journaled that as women we must be this treasure, we must strive to be the understanding wives that God wants to give to our spouses.

Lastly, I prayed that God would help me to grow as an understanding woman and partner to my fiancee Joe and to make me the treasure that God wants me to be.

Wednesday, May 23rd
- Proverbs 31:11
- Proverbs 11:28
- Proverbs 28:26
- Proverbs 31 Woman book p. 7

While I journaled all of the verses, the main focus of my SOAP study was the verse specifically from Proverbs 31, number 11, which states that "her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life"

For me this is an extremely important trait of the Proverbs 31 woman. She is someone her husband can trust, whether it be with money, children, in the home, reputation, faithfulness, etc. It is not just trust with one thing, but with ALL things.

This verse is important to me because Joe and I have had trust issues in the past, largely because of myself and dumb actions that I have taken. I need to work on building back the trust that he has in me by being a trustworthy woman. I get upset that he doesn't already have it 100% back, but I need to realize that it isn't something that should be given freely and easily, it is something very important. The Bible says that through trust the woman will greatly enrich her husband's life. Focus on "greatly enrich." It doesn't just say "enrich" or "lightly enrich" it says "GREATLY." Something of this magnitude is very important and definitely not something to be taken lightly.

Today I pray that God will help me to become a woman that Joe can trust, that he will work on my resolve to not make the same dumb choices I have made in the past and that he will open Joe's eyes and heart to be able to feel full trust in me again.

I also recently shared my GMG goals with my group and thought I would share of them with you as well...
- Grow closer to God by spending more time in the word.
- Utitilize the SOAP method for my quiet time.
- Grow as a leader for other women and lead by example.


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