Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Portland Rock n' Roll Half Marathon 2012 (Part 3) - Race Day!

So I don't have a huge race report, but I do have some things to say, and of course I have my results and some pictures, so please keep reading! 

This was the inaugural Portland R n R Half Marathon so I had never ran the course before and not being super familiar with Portland I didn't really know what to expect. Yes, my first half marathon was the Run Like Hell in Portland in 2010 and that was hilly, so I should have expected hills here, but honestly I didn't expect there to be as many as there was! And that said, I didn't train adequately for the hills. 

They took me by surprise. 

It was as though we would turn a corner and there would be a hill. Then we would have a short downhill, turn another corner, and boom! Another hill. 

As we ran through the neighborhoods along Hawthorne and Burnside people had lots of signs, and plenty of which said things like "you're halfway up the hill..." etc. Halfway? Are you kidding me? Yes, that thought entered my head multiple times. 

But I survived! And for once I tried to really enjoy the race and my surroundings, taking in the crowds, the signs, the sights. This was definitely not something I had done before in prior races. I feel like that is because I am so often in my own head that it is hard to really stop and enjoy the experience. 

I think this race was well executed, there were plenty of porta potties along the way, plenty of water and gatorade stations, and the volunteers did a great job making sure everything was well stocked and ready for us when we came through their stations. It was a pleasure of a run and while I did not re-register for next year, that doesn't mean that I won't again a little later on. 
It was raining for nearly the entire 13.1 miles. Which I LOVED. I would much rather run in the rain than run in the heat. I know a lot of people disliked the rain, but I was not one of them. 

My parents were about a half mile out from the finish line when I was coming in and it was so encouraging and refreshing to see them there cheering for me. It definitely gave me the extra OOMPFH to get through. 

Once I crossed the finish line I was quickly handed my medal, some water, and a fruit cup with peaches. I then proceeded to get my picture taken, to get a bottle of chocolate milk, a box of yummy food courtesy of PDX RnR, and then to get my space blanket. It was the first time I ever got one of those and it was quite nice. Plus it made me feel all fancy. Sorry, I obviously don't get out much! 

After I got out of the finishers area I stepped right out to see Rebekah, Chris, and their pup Bandit waiting for me. It was so nice to have friends at the finish! They only live about 10 blocks from the park so they had walked down (in the rain) to meet me! :) 

My first goal was to get a 2:50 for time. My PR prior was 2:51:51 (from my first half) and I really thought I could beat it. Unfortunately with all of the hills, that goal slowly (or maybe quickly, passed away). 

After that goal I really just decided that I wanted to do better than my other half  (which was my second half) which was 3:20. Thankfully I was able to crush that time! 

My results: (According to the Official Race Website)

Overall place: 9577 out of 11017 (meaning I beat 1440 people overall while 9576 beat me)
Division place: 816 out of 895 (meaning I beat 79 people in my division while 815 beat me)
Gender place: 6501 out of 7703 (meaning I beat 1202 other women while 6500 beat me... ah well)

My 5k time was 40:31
My 10k time was 1:24:52
My 10 mile time was 2:19:37

And my finish time was 3:04:14 (which means I had a pace of 14:04)

Results (According to my Garmin)

Distance: 13.07 mi
Time: 3:04:36 - I didn't stop it right when I crossed the finish
Avg Pace: 14:08 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 513 ft
Calories: 1,388 C

Moving Time: 2:58:06
Elapsed Time: 3:05:11
Avg Pace: 14:08 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 13:38 min/mi
Best Pace: 6:45 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 513 ft
Elevation Loss: 504 ft
Min Elevation: 9 ft
Max Elevation: 279 ft

      Avg Pace

112:43.0 1.00 12:43
212:33.9 1.00 12:34
313:31.2 1.00 13:31
413:42.6 1.00 13:43
514:47.0 1.00 14:47
614:34.8 1.00 14:35
715:11.5 1.00 15:12
814:30.7 1.00 14:31
914:23.1 1.00 14:23
1014:02.9 1.00 14:03
1115:16.4 1.00 15:16
1214:35.1 1.00 14:35
1313:27.1 1.00 13:27
141:16.5 0.07 18:36
Now, what I am sure you are anxious to see... Pictures!

Here I am before the race started! Anxious, excited, and ready to get it started!
Here I am during the race...

Again during the race...

We ran under this Brooks Rocker Dude around Mile 11 :)

This is a random picture of the finish line

People around the finish line... random pic... None of them are me!

After I had crossed the finish line... kind of dazed here...

After the finish and I have my medal...

Medal EARNED! :)

My FINISHER photo :)

Reb and I after the race... enjoying my space blanket :)

Kevin Rudolf was the post-race headliner!

And here's the song that was on when I came in to the finish... What a perfect song!


  1. Yay! Congrats on finishing the race! It looks like a lot of fun. :)

  2. Great job! I too liked having the rain, especially rather than sun. The only time I didn't like the rain was when we got that brief downpour and it started dripping off my hat. But luckily it backed off and I didn't have to keep shaking my head like I had ear mites ;)

  3. You freaking kicked ass!! I was happy we had that rain since we did have those hills. Imagine that course if it had been sunny and warm? OMG I'd still be on the side of the road pouting somewhere. I saw that half way up sign, too! Right? A sign? Or did someone say it? That's how out of it I was by then - and that was early. I was seriously in pout mode for a while!

    ANYWAY --- congratulations on being awesome!!