Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.29

Ok, so I was doing AWESOME. Until a little after the 3 mile mark when I got a massive side ache and could not even extend my stomach out or even jog upright. I ended up walking the last portion because I really wanted to do at least 3 miles, a goal which I met, and I wanted to know the distance from my house, to the park, one loop around the park, and then back home. But here is what was awesome, my third mile I ran I did in 10:39! I haven't ran a mile that fast in a LONG time. My first mile was 11:54, my second was 12:30 (this mile had an icky hill in it, which I ran up all the way without walking), and then my third was 10:39. I was overjoyed when I saw that on my Garmin. What a great day to run and what a great run!

Todays' stats = 3.65 miles in 46:00
- Mile 1 = 11:54
- Mile 2 = 12:30
- Mile 3 = 10:39
- 0.65 =  10:57 (walked)


  1. YAY!! That's awesome!! Keep up the great runs! :)

    1. Thanks! It's quite different for me to have a time like that. I know it's not fast for some, but for me it's great! :)