Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for... Amen, again and again

Today is the 1st of April and the start of the A to Z Blog Challenge! Each day, except for Sundays, I will have a post on a letter of the alphabet, going from A all the way through to Z. For example, today's letter is A, tomorrow's is B, and I will continue through to Saturday which will be F. I will not post next Sunday, but will then post again on the following Monday beginning with G. It may sound complicated, but I promise it's not!

As of right now I do not have a theme to use for my posts, but would rather just use what comes to me on that particular day. Many bloggers participating in this Challenge will use themes, but many like me, will not.

Welcome to new and old readers. Those of you who are visiting from the Challenge, please leave word so that I can come and visiting your blogs as well and read what you have came up with for the day. 

Feel free to go to the Challenge website here, to see what others are writing about!

For me today's post and idea was easier given that today was Sunday, a day for church and worship. Not that I don't worship or pray or read the Bible on other days. Sunday is just more of a "well established" day, I suppose I could say.

I had a GREAT morning before church, I ran 7 miles (in prep for half marathon #3) and I ended the week with 20 miles. Amen. I haven't logged that sort of mileage in years. No joke! It is beyond nice to be getting my running fitness back where it was before I let things slide... ie. law school, bad habits, bad life choices, etc.

Church was great this morning too. The topic was mainly living in the light versus the dark, but it also touched on "addiction" another "A" word, eh? Not too shabby! Amen.

The pastor focused on how we should live like it's day time, all of the time. Even in the dark and at night. This dichotomy really struck me because it is very interesting to look at how not only the light (or absence of light) changes from day to night, but so do so many people. These same people who are "good" during the day, may turn to bad habits, choices, or "addictions" at night. And it's not even night, these same people could be living in the dark because they have turned their backs from God's love, they have decided to pursue other things, some may say as a substitute. Whether it be alcohol, or wine (which is so readily referenced in the Bible) or even internet usage, Facebook addictions, pill addictions, food addictions, etc. Really anything that a person could be addicted to. While addictions are rough and obviously can't just be cured by going to church or spending time with God, it is encouraging to think about the good that could be done for those who are suffering through hard times if they were to take the time to spend with God and to spend in prayer or worship.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Amen!

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  1. I love this post! What a wonderful acknowledgment of the glory and power of God!

    Also, 20 miles!? You're a rock star!