Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.16

It started out rough... I was going slower than I had anticipated and wasn't sure I was going to even make it the entire run. I am glad that I decided to stick it out. I took a brief "pause" at 3.5 miles to consume a GU gel (vanilla bean) and to drink some water... Once I did that I began again and I actually sped up a bit for the second half. I hit 6 miles at 1:16:40 today and last week when I did 6 miles I finished at 1:17:09. That shows me that even though I felt slow, I was actually keeping a little quicker pace, even with the extra added distance of todays run versus last weeks run. I also hit 20 miles for the week. Another accomplishment for me. I am looking forward to another successful running week!

Todays' Stats: 7.01 in 1:29:17

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