Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Half Marathon Training Run 3.24

So I have a bunch of 2 mile short runs scheduled this week to build up to my 10 mile lsr that I should do on Saturday. I could probably run longer but I haven't had very high mileage the last 2 weeks and the last high mileage week I had I did 20 miles in the week. That being said I want to do around 20 this week and then depending on how it goes and feels I will decide if (and how much) I want to bump up the miles for next week. My schedule has been somewhat in flux, but mainly because of missed runs and feeling like crap. All that considered, I am doing a LOT better training for this half than I did for my 2nd one last year. Keep positive! Tried to run a little harder today and I think it showed it in the pace. Hoping to keep a consistent 13:00/mile pace for the half, so hopefully this helps that out! The weather was just right. A little light rain, but definitely not cold. Perfect running temp!

Todays' stats = 2.10 miles in 25:00 

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