Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for... Rain

This post seems very appropriate for today.

It is raining.

This is not a new thing for Oregon.

In fact, I think Oregon is very well known for its rain.

Lately we have been having some very nice days, followed by very rainy days.

I suppose this is nothing new for Oregon. 

And having lived here my whole life I should be used to it, which I am. 

But that doesn't mean that I don't often feel like enough is enough.

Don't get me wrong. I love the rain.

I would probably be very sad living in a state with little to no rain.

There's just something about the crisp fresh air on a rainy day.

Looking around and seeing the glory that is green trees and grass and plants.

None of that would exist here if not for the rain.

And while the rain is good as an actual physical thing, I also think that it is a great metaphor for life. Especially my life lately. 

I have had to deal with a lot of downs lately. 

Failing the Bar the first time I took it, not being able to find work and being out of a job for a little over a year, losing family members and friends due to tragic events, dealing with loans coming due that I cannot afford to pay, and the list could go on.

So while I know that right now things are bad and I'm dealing with a lot of rain, both metaphorically and in actuality, I know that without the rain I would not be able to enjoy the goodness in my life. 

At least not to the extent where I could truly appreciate it.


**This post is for the April A to Z Challenge!


  1. When I was in Washington I couldn't wait to get back to Nevada where we had monsoon season and if it rained, it stopped a half hour later. Now I really miss the drizzle of the pacific northwest!

    I'm praying your "rain" starts to turn around!

    1. I hope so too. I keep thinking something good should be on the way. Eventually.

  2. Hey Jenna Renee!

    Nice to meet ya, thanks for your visit over at writercize. Sorry to hear of all the rain in your life at the moment ... It certainly does seem that there are times in our lives when the expression "when it rains it pours" seems so applicable. Tough times do like to stick together. But, the good news is, things can only look up! Next time you take the Bar you will have the experience and familiarity that you didn't have the first time around!

    As a fellow OR gal, I have to say I hope the sun comes back to town soon.

    And, by the way, I LOVE the quote you put up about dancing in the rain. i live in So Cal now and while I can't say I particularly miss the rain, I do miss two things about it ... Pitter patter of raindrops on the rooftop lulling me off to sleep, and dancing in the rain, arms out soaking it all up.

    Hugs! Alana

    1. I hope I don't have to take it again! I already took it the second time and I get my results on Friday. Hope you didn't jinx me with that comment!