Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for... Notary Public

Today I submit my application for becoming a notary public.

I have completed my required 3 hours of educational study time and have received a 95% and 100% on my two required tests.

Not sure the complete value of this license currently since I lost my new job, but hopefully it is helpful at some point.

I suppose if I do start my own practice once I pass the Bar it could be. Or even if I start practicing for a firm. It could make me more appealing, no?

The whole point of getting it was for my new job.

It was a requirement to be a notary public.

I thought it seemed like it would be a worthwhile investment.

I started the studying and had completed everything except for my educational time before I found out I was being let go.

I figured I could just not do it, or I could finish.

And finish I did.

I am no quitter.

And now I am a notary public.

**This post is for the April A to Z Challenge!


  1. you could put a shingle out "Notary Public" there was an elderly gentleman in our neighborhood that did just that. In his retirement, he had a tidy little income for being
    available and accessible. We used him several times.

    and good luck to you on your career as Attorney, you'll get there.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  2. It would be more appealing! I use to be a notary. While I didn't charge for my services, I think it could serve you well as a new lawyer. It's definitely worth the investment. Best of luck!

    Eat Live Move: Intuitive Eating from A to Z

  3. Wishing you much success in your new career path. Whatever it takes, right?

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  4. I think this is a great trait to have. I was actually kept from meeting with a client out of town because the documents needed a notary, the town didn't have one, and I wasn't one. Another girl in the office, who wasn't an atty, had to go.